Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

This was a huge year. I got married, went to Europe, and took many little vacations with my new husband. I left one job, and began another. I started saving money like crazy. We also spent money like crazy. We bought a brand new car. We've had a few arguments, but also new adventures. I had my first "Wife-Fail" when I accidentally put Wayne's new iPhone into the washing machine (sorry honey). This has been a fun year, but I am so ready for 2013.

I've tried to come up with ultimate life changing resolutions...but no. I have simple goals this year.
1. Keep saving money
I've created an envelope system, and it's been working beautifully.
2. Hike the Grand Canyon
I've never done this, and I think it's necessary.
3. Continue with yoga
I loved doing yoga last year, and this year I might start going twice a week instead of once.
4. Surprise People
Who doesn't get excited when someone surprises you at work with a coffee? Or when your husband comes home with a surprise cupcake? Or when you buy your friend a pretty sweater just because you think they'd love it?
5. Have the BEST time in Europe

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Exciting News!

A few months back, Wayne landed a paid internship with an awesome advertising agency in Tempe. This internship was supposed to last three months, but a couple of weeks ago he was asked to stay on for an extra three months. We were so pleased that the company wanted to keep Wayne on, because we really hoped this could turn into an employment opportunity for him.
Well it happened sooner than we thought! Just a couple of days ago Wayne was officially asked to become a full time employee at the agency!

We are thrilled!! Not only is this an amazing job for him, but it also comes with benefits (We feel so grown-up).
One of the benefits is Adoption Assistance. I was really hoping for this, because we do plan on adopting a child in the future...and it can become so expensive.
So that's our news! I know that I'm behind on my weekend review posts, but in summary: It's hot. We're in the process of moving, so we packed...and unpacked. That's pretty much it.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Aloha! Back in 2008 I went to Hawaii with my family. We spent two weeks living the island life, and when it was time to head home, my heart felt heavy. I knew that one day I wanted to live in paradise. I wanted to wake up and smell the ocean air. I wanted to feel the warm beachy sand between my toes everyday.


Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I'm just sitting on a big comfy leather couch thinking about how happy I am = )

Just a few months ago I was very unhappy with a few things. Private things. But now, with my new job...our upcoming move...our trip to San Francisco for Wayne's birthday...I am so happy.

I am also probably PMSing...big time. TMI? I don't care. I get really emotional during this time of the month! Some women are grumpy, but I just cry.
One of my favorite blogging moms...Kelle Hampton...JUST announced she is pregnant with her third child. I have been reading this momma's blog for three years now. What a roller coaster it has been for her. I read her post, and cried.'s that time.

On a completely separate note....I am starting to save for our retirement. My goal is one million dollars! I can't wait = )

Our Weekend in Review

This past weekend was a bit of a blur.
Friday night wayne and I met some friends at Brat Haus in Old town Scottsdale. Wayne had been to the restaurant before, but it was my first time. It was delicious! It was also pretty small, and we had a long arrive early!

Saturday morning we slept in. Normally we wake up at 9am and head to the Farmers Market, but it was just one of those days. After getting up at 10am, we got ready and went to Wayne's brother's house to help him with some yard/house work. I left and bought everyone some donuts to munch on.
Once the work was finished, we all decided to have some lunch at Sun Up Brewery. We caught some of the Olympics, because it was on the televisions in the bar area.
Saturday afternoon was spent at an adorable first birthday party for Reagan! Reagan is a little girl that I nanny for close to 50 hours a week! She had a ladybug themed birthday, and even her own cake to smash. Wayne and I had fun watching all of the little babies play together. There were seriously over 20 babies at this party!
During the party, Wayne leaned over and said "This is baby mania!" I fully agreed. As soon as we left, we looked at each other and said "It's really nice being baby free."

Right after the party we raced over to AMC 30 to see the Dark Knight Rises in the Imax. I didn't really care about doing this, but Wayne and our friends wanted to..and I'm no party pooper. It was still a really good movie, but I don't need to see it again.

Sunday morning we had our weekly yoga class at the Biltmore! The teacher this week was excellent!
Around 1pm I met up with my mom and sister. We spent a couple of hours FOREVER in Ikea. Remind me not to go back there. It was much to crowded. I ended up purchasing these DVD shelves. They get the job done, and you really can't beat $5.99!
Sunday evening Wayne and I went to his brother's house to have dinner and welcome home our niece and my sister-in-law Jenn. They've been in Michigan the past week, and we were excited for them to return!
And that's our weekend in review!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekend in Review

I meant to post this yesterday, but got a bit side tracked. Better late than never!

This past Saturday Wayne and I decided to let ourselves sleep in until 9am. That is sleeping late for us! After we got up and ready, we picked up his brother Skylar and headed to the Downtown Phoenix Public Market.
We try to buy as many groceries at the market as we can, in an effort to help out local growers and businesses.
Wayne bought me a delicious apple tart from Frog's Organic Bakery. This French bakery is based out of Tucson, but they travel up to Phoenix every Saturday to sell at the market. They have amazing French pastries and macaroons!

After purchasing all of our groceries, Wayne and I dropped Skylar back off at home.
We had tickets to a matinee showing of The Dark Knight Rises at the AMC Dine-in Theatre by the Biltmore.
If you haven't yet experienced seeing a movie at a Dine-in theatre Cinema Suites...GO! Wayne and I LOVE this movie theatre. Basically a Dine-in theatre allows you to order food/drink right from your seat. And not just any food...but actually good food prepared by a chef right when you order. Each person has their own waiter, and there is a tiny button next to your chair that you press when you need something. The waiters are incredibly discreet, so you never feel like your movie is being interrupted.
I was hesitant at first, because movie theatre food usually is terrible, but this place is restaurant quality. I always order the steak tenderloin tips, and Wayne loves the cheeseburgers.
Also, they have a full bar. We've been known to enjoy a little whiskey and margaritas during our movies!
Ok, now let me go back to the seats. These seats are all leather reclining chairs. If you are guilty of falling asleep during movies, stay away. These chairs are SO comfortable it's insane.
(Ignore the random lady...but doesn't she look relaxed?)
Now here's the HAVE to order tickets for the Cinema Suites for these chairs. There are other theatres that have normal chairs and no alcohol called Fork and Screen. Basically it's a regular theatre, but you can order food. Cinema Suites are for 21 and older. They are a couple of dollars more expensive, but well worth it. Wayne and I can't afford to go here all of the time, but it's nice to splurge every once in awhile!

Oh, and the movie was really good too!

After our movie was finished, we headed over to our friend Sam's house. He was throwing a party that night and we didn't want to miss out. It was really nice seeing all of our friends who live in Tempe.

Sunday morning we slept until 9am, and then quickly got ready for yoga.
I think I mentioned in another post that Wayne and I have taken up yoga together. We attend the free Sunday morning yoga class at the Biltmore Fashion Park. It starts at 10:30am, but we ALWAYS arrive at 9:50am in order to get our spots under the shady tree.
Each week is a different instructor, and it turned out that this week's instructor was a no-show. So instead of canceling class, a manager from Lululemon decided to teach. She was pretty nervous, considering this was her first time ever teaching a yoga class, but she did really well.
If you live in Arizona then you know how humid it has been....Sunday was no exception . We were drenched in sweat by the end of class. I really feel like I had a great workout though!

After yoga, Wayne and I quickly grabbed some lunch at Luci's Health Marketplace. Wayne had plans to go shooting with his brother, and I was going to help my older sister decorate her new house.
Sunday evening we enjoyed a pasta dinner with his brother (since his wife and daughter are out of town for the week).
That was our weekend! Thanks for reading!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Our European Honeymoon

When Wayne and I got engaged, I immediately knew that I wanted to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon.

I had been to Hawaii with my family back in 2007, and fell in love with it. Wayne had never been, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity. My parents had graciously offered us a week at their time share, which you could use anywhere in the world.
We quickly started researching Hawaiian resorts that would allow us to use the timeshare, and kept finding just so-so places. It was our honeymoon, and of course we wanted to stay in a fabulous resort, but we just got discouraged.

After a couple of weeks of searching, I became curious and started looking at resorts in Europe. These resorts were MUCH better looking, and I thought that there was no way we could afford them. However, after some more researching, we discovered that it was actually the SAME price no matter where you travel!

That's when Wayne and I knew....we were not going to Hawaii. We decided to spend our week long honeymoon in Spain!

The next day I told my parents our plans, and we booked Club La Costa for one week.

Then Wayne and I talked a bit more. Why would we only stay in Europe for one week? We might as well stay one extra week and head to France and Italy too!

So that's just what we did! We saved our pennies for one whole year in order to enjoy/afford our amazing European honeymoon.